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Web Design

Tucson Web Designer

I often say that I may just be the fastest web designer in the west! I have yet to find another individual that can get a fully-functional custom website put up as quickly as I can! I am also one of Tucson’s only true Joomla experts, though that has not stopped me from mastering WordPress as well. I have designed well over a hundred websites, and began with basic HTML 2.0 sites back in 1996! (I took an extra-curricular web design class in 6th grade, and was hooked.) I love working with content management systems such as Joomla! and WordPress. I can design custom themes/templates and/or entire systems around the content management system of your choice. I have also completed multiple large-scale PHP applicaitons that interfaced with MYSQL databases and manipulated the database information and output sophisticated usable front-end products, including a database-driven PDF form generation. Does that sound like Greek (geek?) to you? Let’s just go with this: I really do know what I am doing when it comes to the art of website design!

Current Web Design Portfolio:

  • HTML 95%
  • CSS 85%
  • PHP 65%
  • Joomla 95%
  • WordPress 95%
  • Javascript 50%
  • SEO 85%
  • Social Media 93%


Please call (520) 309-8658 to discuss rates and project budgets. Websites start at $1,500 typically, but I understand that not all websites need all of the features that are typically included in my traditional designs. I am extremely flexible when it comes to working with payments and project budgets. Also please be aware that complex sites that include e-commerce solutions can easily climb to several thousand dollars.

It is extremely important to remember that in today’s digital age, your website is increasingly the most prominent “storefront” and most viewed aspect of your marketing efforts!┬áPlease, do not let a cheaply designed website be what your customers see when they are looking for business! Your website reflects your business’s level of professionalism and a great website design tells clientele that you are worthy of doing business with! Another way of thinking about this is that in today’s day in age, your website is more or less equivalent of a yellow pages ad from the 1990s. The more you invest in it, the greater your return will be. This is not a sales tactic, it is simply proven fact. Do not skimp on your marketing! Think about the most successful companies around today: Coke, Redbull, Lowes, etc., and considder that they build branding and name recognition with extremely professional marketing. Just because you are a small business does not mean that you can afford to inadvertently sabotage your business. Market your business well. Brand it well, invest in it well, and run it professionally and it can┬áthrive. I can help. Please call me today to discuss how!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

If you are interested in SEO services, please visit my company, Arbiter Creative’s site at Due to billing technicalities, I have chosen to run all SEO services through my company.