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Tucson Photographer Harrison Koch

I am an experienced and accomplished professional photographer. My photography specialties include (but are not limited to) real estate photography, wildlife photography, on-the-job photography, landscape photography and automotive photography. I am one of the few photographers in the Tucson area that is accomplished with High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography skills. Not only is a photography a profession, but it is also a great passion of mine. I enjoy photography as one of many of my artistic endeavors. I have been actively pursuing photography for the last 8 years as a profession.

I have a website dedicated to my real estate photography pursuits, If you are looking for real estate photography, you may learn much more information about these photography services by visiting this site, in addition to viewing my vast portfolio of Tucson real estate photography there.

Please give me a call to discuss the scope of your photography project at (520) 309-8658.

*At this time I do not currently offer wedding photography services. This is a personal decision, as I do not have the proper training or experience, and do not wish to have such important milestone photos in the hands of somebody that may not perform the job adequately. I would be happy to help you find a professional wedding photographer if need be. Thank you for your understanding.